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Choosing the right meeting venue

Published: 8th Jul, 2015

So you are tasked to find the right meeting venue for your Boss. It is now 3pm, Monday. The meeting is just 3 weeks away and you are swarmed with other just as important and just as urgent work. You need an available function room fast that is within budget, close to your work place and needs the meeting requirements from A to Z.

Here are some tips to finding the right meeting venue:

  1. Prioritize

    Which is the most important aspect in confirming the event? Is it the budget? Does it have to be close to the office? Or is a function room with lots of natural daylight the preferred choice for the host. Finding out which is the most important will instantly eliminate all other variables, allowing you to focus and zoom in on the venues that matter.

  2. Fastest Quote Wins

    Don’t you really hate responses that take 3 days before they acknowledge their existence? The venue that responds to you the quickest are usually the ones able to make decisions on the spot and are flexible to your requests. When you need things done, they are the ones you can count on.

  3. Flexibility

    In this present time, information is so readily available and decisions are so fluid that you really need a venue that is flexible to your needs. The last thing you want is for a venue to turn down your request to have ‘an extra chair at the back’ because it was not in the initial floor plan.

With so many choices and lead time for choosing the perfect venue getting shorter and shorter, these pointers are the best way to wrapping up that meeting your Boss requested for!